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Are you an expat looking for Dutch lessons? We have 20 years of experience teaching Dutch to foreign students.

At our school you don't just sit in a classroom memorizing words or grammar. We'll make sure you'll have fun! A large part of our Dutch lessons consist of language games and exercises. We also discuss recent news events and learn songs.

If you aren't six years old, learning a new language can be hard. To make learning Dutch as easy as possible, you'll be using Dutch from the very first start! Its our experience that the best way to learn Dutch is by using it. And don't be afraid to make mistakes, these are an essential part of the learning process!

In our lessons dialogue, conversation, and pronunciation come before learning grammar. Learning a language is, first of all, a physical activity. You'll learn by doing! So during our lessons we'll be using songs & games and learn by making fun and meeting other expats.

Try out our new level test if you already know some Dutch. Its also a good preview for our online language games and exercises. It will give you (and us) a good indication of your current Dutch language skills.

Dutch people like it when an expat takes the effort to try and speak their language, so surprise your colleagues (or in-laws) and sign up for Dutch lessons today!

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